Our Team

Our team is what makes us who we are.  We are proud of the talented individuals we get to work with on a daily basis.  Each of them contribute directly to Foreshadow through their skills, work experience, and personalities.

Larry Casby

Network Architect and Security/Accreditation Advisor


Larry has been in the server security game for nearly twenty years and has been an invaluable asset to the Foreshadow team. Some describe Larry as the MacGyver of system administrators, as he’s able to overcome any and all server obstructions, occasionally in unorthodox but very effective ways. There are very few people who your server security would be safer with. Larry enjoys SCUBA diving and spending time with his family in their home in Charleston, South Carolina.

Chris Casby

BI Consultant/Training Coordinator/Graphic Designer

With over a decade of training development and implementation under his belt, Chris was a perfect fit to complement Foreshadow’s existing training curriculum. His charisma and easy-going disposition make him a very approachable instructor, which makes for a more efficient classroom environment. Chris also develops dashboards and websites for clients when the need arises. Chris spends his free time drinking coffee and playing cards in his Richmond, Virginia home.

Jeremy Wong

.NET Developer/BI Consultant

Although Jeremy is the youngest member on the Foreshadow roster, do not let his age bely his ability. Jeremy has been making a name for himself and elevating the companies lucky enough to have him since he entered the tech world back in 2009. Jeremy is the ‘Go-To-Guy’ at Foreshadow if we need some custom extensions or applications developed in a pinch. Jeremy enjoys traveling and spending time with his wife in their Charleston, South Carolina home.